Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Juan's Bistro experience.

'Twas 7:00 o'clock in the evening.. Tired from long MOA walk, sight seeing and window shoppin.. But just the perfect time for our Dindin.. So we stopped at Juan's Bistro(MOA Complex) to sate our crying tummies and try the resto's dishes.

Whenever sisig is  available at any resto that we visit, we definitely order this sizzling menu! Favorite!

You know, you've imagined the poppin sound and  that 'sizzling thing' upon serving.? For me it gives excitement to any sisig..
But, my dismay , our sizzling sisig was no longer sizzling when served on our table. (sad face)

Anyway, moving on our another dish, we also ordered Inihaw na liempo which I found just fine.

It's partly tender... 

No good points yet, huh?

There is actually. I tell you.
What I loved was the hilaw na mangga with bagoong. I always love mango and JB did not disappoint me with this one ,together with the alamang. That crisp that you imagine from green mango. Yep, they got it!

Also, what's commendable with this resto is their service. The staffs were very attentive in refilling our glasses of bottomless iced tea. And, they live with the culture of every "Juan" which is known for hospitality 
and will greet you in Filipino words like "salamat po". They were accommodating though I find them too plenty, - 10 service crew as I counted.

It was an average restaurant experience for me.

I have not tried Juan's Bistro's other menu. And It would not be fair to judge with the few that I had. 
Uhm, I Might go back to try the others. :)

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