Monday, June 29, 2015

This Cake is for us.

It's My Tatay's 61st birthday.. Traditionally, when there's a birthday, there has to be..A Birthday Cake!!
So I wanted to buy something new from what used to buy. And since my father isn't that young anymore, dark chocolate I thought would be best .

Looking around Mall of Asia, I found this bakeshop/ cafe - Chocolat Deep Dark Chocolate

There's a lot to choose from here..And they sell cakes per slice, loaf, 6-inch or whole. I almost drool as I choose. Then my eyes caught the Chocolate Caramel cake.. looks lovely and yummy with the caramel on top.
I asked the cashier if they do dedications on cake and yep! Yes they do!! And yes, I immediately placed my order for a 6-inch Chocolate Caramel cake and wrote my birthday greeting.

As I waited on the couch, I can't help but to imagine how my cake would look like. The design on top of the cake looks creative but I wonder how they will put the dedication on. Will it look bulky with design? Will it be messy? Can the greetings still be seen?

Few minutes of waiting, my cake was presented to me.

Looky here:


The dedication was not done ordinarily.. you know, the simple icing that we used to see.. Am very impressed with this one.. (the pic seemed damaged but that was because I wasn't careful during the travel)
Wrapped in box with a complimentary candle, I happily grabbed the cake and traveled home to greet my father a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Now, it's time to judge the taste. My eyes were satisfied, what about my tastebuds?

Cutting a piece, oooh that cake was moist enough I can't wait to try..
And it was.. SUBLIME!
Not too sweet, soft enough, very tasty, and just so perfect for us!

This one is a must try! ;)
Will definitely be back to try the other flavors.
Soon again, Chocolat Deep Dark Chocolate

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